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Common Myths About Being A Hello Kitty Slut

December 10, 2009
Being the Hello Kitty Slut that I am I am often confronted with peoples ignorance of what a slut is exactly. Lets examine it shall we. I have been calling myself Hello Kitty Slut for a few years and have had both male and female friends question why I would refer to myself as a “slut” of any kind. To answer them I usually just spew off the definition of a slut and then ask them had they ever actually met me? This is the point at which one of three things happens. They either
  • Leave the situation alone
  • Ask for a handjob under the table ☚(my personal fave!!!)
  • Start telling me all the reasons it is sooooo wrong to be a slut in their opinions
I have been listening to these ‘opinions’ for years and have decided to go ahead and kill some common myths now.
Myth: Sluts have no respect for themselves.
Fact: I have plenty of respect for myself. I have sex with multiple partners because I enjoy sex, and I don’t like being tied down to one guy for too long. I enjoy my freedom. I’m sure this will change at some point. My biological clock will start ticking, and I’ll start thinking more about the future. At some point, I will start thinking more seriously about wanting to spend my life with someone. But for now, I’m young and enjoying myself. And I’d have to say that I have a lot more respect for myself than the girls who stay chaste simply because they’re afraid of being labeled by men. I have enough respect for myself to accept and embrace my needs.
Myth: All sluts are crawling with disease.
Fact: While many sluts probably are crawling with disease, those of us with any intelligence whatsoever are really careful. I have NO STDs. I always use a condom for sex. I get tested often, and I can safely say that I have never contracted an STD.
Myth: A slut will fuck anyone. Especially you.
Fact: I can get just about any guy I want. That means that I can and do have high standards. If I fucked every guy who wanted me, I’d have no time for work, eating, or sleep. Even if I had sex 24 hours a day, seven days a week, I still wouldn’t be able to fulfill all the guys who want me. So, as you can see, I won’t fuck you just because you have a penis. My standards are too high for that.
Myth: Anyone who doesn’t want to be a woman from the 50’s who gets off doing laundry and making dinner and being a slave for her big strong husband hates men and is a lesbian.
Fact: Obviously I don’t hate men. If I hated men, I wouldn’t fuck them. The last time I checked, slavery was abolished in 1865 with the 13th Amendment. While many women are content to spend their lives cooking and cleaning, I need more than that. That doesn’t mean that I don’t respect these women for being able to live in their lifestyle, and I certainly don’t think less of them for it, it’s not the lifestyle I would choose for myself, or one I could tolerate. And I will NEVER get myself into a relationship where the man is in charge and I’m just along for the ride. Nor will I get myself into a relationship where my man has no balls and smiles meekly at everything I say. When I find the man who I can settle down with, we will have an equal relationship. I don’t want a tyrant or a push-over. I want a man.
Myth: Any woman who wants a man to treat her like a woman instead of like shit is a needy bitch who is just after the man’s money.
Fact: How would you feel if your date showed up with dirty, baggy clothes on, smelled from not having showered for too long, ate with her hands, and talked about herself the entire night? You probably wouldn’t want to go on a second date. We put in effort to look our best on dates. We put in effort to make the guy feel special. In return, we expect to be treated decently. Trust me, if you act like a gentleman, your chance of getting that second date increases exponentially. It’s not that we’re needy, it’s just that we like to feel appreciated, just like everyone else.
Myth: Sluts are just trying to steal my man.
Fact: I am not a homewrecker. I think it’s horrible when girls go out of their way to get a guy just because he’s married. I mentioned earlier that I could get just about any guy I wanted. I don’t want any man who has a significant other. I’m just not interested.
Myth: Women are all whores, men are all bastards.
Fact: There are plenty of non-whores out there for you non-bastards.
Myth: No man will ever want a serious relationship with me or any other slut.
Fact: I have been in serious relationships before. What I realized was that I wasn’t ready for that kind of commitment. There are men now who want a relationship with me, but I’m honest with them and tell them that a serious commitment is not what I want at this time in my life.
Myth: Deep down, every lesbian wants dick.
Fact: Deep down, every lesbian wants pussy. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be lesbian. That’s sort of the definition of a lesbian; wanting to fuck women instead of guys. If she wants dick, then she’s bi; not lesbian.
I hope you now have a better understanding of me 🙂
Hello Kitty Slut